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Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes (PLO)

PLO-1:Graduates are expected to possess moral integrity, ethical conduct, strong nationalistic values, and a deep commitment to being responsible in carrying out tasks independently.
PLO-2: Graduates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in mastering theoretical concepts in aquaculture, specifically in the field of mariculture
PLO-3: Graduates must possess the necessary skills to manage data, convey information in the field of aquaculture, and provide alternative solutions when required
PLO-4: Graduates should have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills that enable them to collaborate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines
PLO-5: Graduates should be able to design aquaculture systems and technologies that are environmentally sustainable
PLO-6: Graduates should be able to apply science and technology to enhance productivity in aquaculture
PLO-7:Graduates should be able to evaluate and provide solutions for sustainable and environmentally-friendly aquaculture production