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RPS and Course Rubric Preparation Meeting

In order to improve the quality of learning in the academic environment, on January 18 2024 a meeting was held to prepare the RPS (Semester Learning Plan) and course rubrics. The meeting, which took place enthusiastically involving teaching staff, was aimed at reviewing and evaluating the existing curriculum to ensure it is in line with the latest developments in the field of science. The process of preparing the RPS is the main focus of discussion, where each course is evaluated thoroughly to ensure the achievement of learning objectives and its relevance to industry needs according to the OBE curriculum implemented.

Koordinator PS Budidaya Perairan

Dr. Yuliana Salosso memimpin Rapat Revisi RPS dan Rubrik Mata Kuliah

The meeting participants actively participated in constructive discussions, providing valuable input regarding improving teaching materials, teaching methods and assessments. In addition, special attention is given to aspects of sustainability and adaptability of the curriculum to accommodate technological developments and job market demands. Student involvement is also recognized as an important element in preparing the RPS, and several innovative ideas are proposed to increase their participation and understanding of the learning material.

Apart from discussing RPS, course rubrics were also a serious concern at the meeting. This rubric is considered a practical guide for lecturers in providing objective and transparent assessments of student achievements. In order to improve the measurability and consistency of the assessment, several changes and improvements were discussed in depth.

This RPS preparation meeting and course rubrics reflect the commitment of educational institutions to continue to innovate and adapt to the dynamics of scientific developments and the needs of society. It is hoped that the results of this meeting can make a positive contribution in improving the quality of education and producing graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work.

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