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Finalization feedback on the draft ASIIN report

Finalization of Feedback on the ASIIN Draft Report for Four Study Programs at Nusa Cendana University

[Kupang/Universitas Nusa Cendana] – Today, February 15 2024, Nusa Cendana University (UNDANA) held a meeting to finalize feedback on the draft ASIIN report for four study programs. This event was attended by the Head of the Task Force and the team involved in the accreditation process, together with the study program coordinators for each study program involved in the process. This finalization process aims to ensure that the report prepared meets the quality standards set by ASIIN (Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs).

The four study programs currently undergoing the accreditation process are the Aquaculture, Agrotechnology, Animal Husbandry Study Program, and the Environmental Science Master's Program (S2). In a meeting held at the Neo Kupang Hotel, the accreditation team together with related parties from UNDANA carried out an in-depth evaluation of the draft report.

Delivering a statement at the event, Head of the Task Force, Prof. Yosef Seran Mau stated, "We really appreciate the hard work of the team who have contributed to compiling feedback on this draft report. "The accreditation process is an important step in ensuring the quality of education at UNDANA, and cooperation from all parties is very meaningful in achieving the expected standards."

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of the Aquaculture Study Program, Dr. Yuliana Salosso also added, "We have made every effort to prepare a report that is comprehensive and in accordance with the criteria set by ASIIN. "Through this finalization process, we hope to be able to improve and perfect feedback on the draft report so that it can meet the expectations and standards set."

Hopefully the feedback report on the ASIIN Draft Report will provide the results expected by ASIIN so that it will have a good impact on the accreditation process. With consistent and continuous improvement, it is hoped that the four study programs currently undergoing the accreditation process can obtain recognition in accordance with international standards, improve the reputation of Nusa Cendana University, and provide quality assurance for students. In this way, UNDANA can continue to play an active role in producing quality graduates who are able to compete at the global level.

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