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Retirement release event

The release ceremony of Ir. Felix Rebhung, M.Agr., Ph.D after serving as a Lecturer in the Aquaculture Study Program

[Kupang/Universitas Nusa Cendana] – Dalam sebuah upacara yang penuh haru dan rasa terima kasih, pada tanggal 2 Februari 2024 Program Studi Budidaya Perairan mengadakan acara pelepasan Ir. Felix Rebhung, M.Agr.,Ph.D, yang telah menyelesaikan masa tugasnya sebagai Dosen Program Studi Budidaya Perairan. Acara tersebut dihadiri oleh sejumlah mahasiswa, dosen, dan alumni yang memberikan apresiasi dan kenangan indah untuk Ir. Felix Rebhung, M.Agr.Ph.D.

Audra, as Chair of the Aquaculture Study Program Student Association (Himapro), delivered a speech on behalf of the students. He stated that Ir. Felix Rebhung has provided a lot of very valuable knowledge and experience during our studies together. "Pak Felix is not only a lecturer, but also a mentor who always provides inspiration and encouragement to us. "We feel lucky to be able to study with him," said Audra sincerely.

Greetings from Sister Audra representing active students of the Aquaculture Study Program

One of the most memorable moments in Ir. Felix Rebhung as a lecturer is fighting together with his students to get recognition from institutions related to fisheries undergraduate degrees. Alumni who attended the release event gave emotional speeches, expressing their experiences in the process of fighting for their rights. The first class of alumni (Mr. Adi Langga, S.Pi) stated that Ir. Felix Rebhung was not only their teacher, but also a hero in fighting for institutional recognition. Even though the struggle was not easy, the results were very satisfying because the institution finally gave them recognition for the bachelor's degree in fisheries they had achieved.

Greetings from Adi Langga, S.Pi representing Alumni of the Aquaculture Study Program

The next speech came from Dr. Sunadji, MP, who represented fellow lecturers. He expressed his high appreciation for the dedication and contribution of Ir. Felix Rebhung in building the Aquaculture Study Program. "Pak Felix not only imparts knowledge, but also fosters enthusiasm and dedication among his colleagues," added Dr. Sunadji.

Greetings from Dr. Sunadji representing lecturers in the Aquaculture Study Program

Dr. Yuliana Salosso, Coordinator of the Aquaculture Study Program, added that Ir. Felix Rebhung is a highly disciplined type of lecturer. “He always sets an example as a quality educator and researcher. "His departure will leave a void that will be difficult to fill," said Dr. Yuliana with respect.

Greetings from Dr. Yuliana Salosso Coordinator of the Aquaculture Study Program

The final speech came from the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Marine and Fisheries (FPKP), who stated that the good relationship between Mr. Felix and the Faculty had been established since when I was a student. “I still remember very well when I was still a student, Mr. Felix was already an inspirational lecturer. Now, as dean, I can see how he continues to develop into a very valuable figure in the progress of this Faculty. Thank you, Mr. Felix, for all your contributions and dedication.”

This release event was also enlivened with a series of awards and testimonials from colleagues, students and related parties. This award reflects recognition of Ir.'s extraordinary dedication and contribution. Felix Rebhung, M.Agr.Ph.D while serving in the Undana Aquaculture Study Program.

Giving Souvenirs by Prof. Marcelien Ratoe Oedjoe representing the Academic Community of the Aquaculture Study Program

After a series of formal events, the release event closed in an intimate atmosphere when all participants gathered to eat together. This moment is an opportunity for lecturers, staff and students to share memories, laugh together and convey farewell messages in a more personal way.

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