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Won Second and Third Place in LKTI Nasional

Aquaculture Students Win Second Place in National LKTI

Aquaculture Students Won Second and Third Place in the National Level Scientific Writing Competition

Two groups of Undana Aquaculture Study Program students have made brilliant achievements by winning second and third place in the National Level Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI). This prestigious competition was held by the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Marine and Fisheries Undana as a forum for students to compete in producing innovative and useful scientific works.

The second winner presented his scientific paper entitled "Development of Fish Feed Based on Local Raw Materials to Increase Aquaculture Production in East Nusa Tenggara." His work managed to attract the attention of the judges because of its innovative approach in increasing fisheries productivity and having a positive impact on farmers in various regions.

Meanwhile, the third place winner, presented his work entitled "Business and Marketing Innovation for Sustainable Local Fish Farming." This work provides concrete solutions to digital marketing issues in increasing the efficiency of marketing fishery products.

The supervisor from the Aquaculture Study Program, expressed his pride in the brilliant achievements of the two student groups. He revealed, "These two scientific papers are a clear example of students' dedication and hard work in presenting innovative solutions for a sustainable aquaculture industry."

The two student groups emphasized that this achievement is not only a matter of personal pride, but also as a real effort in contributing to the development of the fisheries sector and the environment in Indonesia.

Their success in this National Level Scientific Writing Competition is a great encouragement for the Aquaculture Study Program to continue to encourage creativity and innovation among students to produce brilliant ideas that can overcome challenges in the field of aquaculture.

With this achievement, it is hoped that both student groups and the Aquaculture Study Program can be an inspiration for other students to continue to excel and innovate in creating solutions that benefit society and the environment.

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