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07:30 - 16:00

Senin s.d Jumat

Fish Cultivation Training

Fish Farming Training in Buckets (Yumina &; Bumina) for Kupang City Church Youth Group

Community Service Activities (PKM) will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at GMIT Jama'at Kupang City. Participants who participated in this activity were young people at the church and accompanied by several students of the Aquaculture Study Program.

The initial presentation was by Prof. Dr. Ir. Marcelien Dj. Ratoe Oedjoe, M.Si as PKM Team Leader. Prof. Lien delivered material related to techniques and methods of fish farming in buckets (budikdamber). Budikdamber can solve land problems in fish and plant farming. This technique is a development technique of aquaponics, where fish and plants grow in one place. Budikdamber with this aquaponics system also has the opportunity to increase the need for animal protein and vegetables, and make it easier for people to get fish and vegetables in their neighborhood. The next presentation by Immaria Fransira, M.P. regarding the problem of diseases in fish farming. Fish disease is an abnormal condition in fish, where there are changes in physical and physiological functions in fish, which can cause death in fish. As for prevention that can be done, first maintain water quality by changing water regularly. Secondly, give enough feed. Third, choose broodstock or seeds with good quality and healthy. If it has happened, the way to overcome that can be done is to separate the sick fish and quarantine.

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