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Aquaculture International Seminar

Undana Aquaculture Students Join International Aquaculture Seminar in Jakarta

In November 2023, Aquaculture study program students from various universities throughout Indonesia attended the Aquaculture International Seminar held in Jakarta. This seminar is a valuable opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and knowledge regarding the latest developments in the aquaculture industry. The material presented includes topics such as innovation in aquaculture technology, aquatic environmental management, application of the latest technology in fish and shrimp rearing, and sustainable aquaculture business development strategies.

Serious attention of students in the presentation session of resource persons

One of the highlight moments of the event was a panel discussion session involving prominent speakers in the field of aquaculture. Students have the opportunity to ask questions directly to experts and gain in-depth insights into the latest challenges, opportunities and trends in the aquaculture industry on a global level.

The presence of these students marks their commitment to continue learning and contributing to the development of the aquaculture industry in Indonesia. They also had the opportunity to expand their networks and exchange experiences with fellow participants from various regions.

This activity has a positive impact in improving students' understanding and skills in facing the dynamics of the rapidly growing aquaculture industry. Hopefully the knowledge gained from this seminar can be implemented well in the development of aquaculture in the future.

This event is expected to be the first step for the creation of closer collaboration between the world of education, research, and industry in an effort to improve the quality and contribution of the aquaculture industry in Indonesia.

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