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English Debate Competition

English Debate Competition for Students of Undana Aquaculture Study Program

Universitas Nusa Cendana (Undana) held an English debate competition at the level of Aquaculture Study Program which was enthusiastically attended by students. This activity aims to broaden horizons, improve English language skills, and train students' debating skills.

This debate competition was attended by a number of teams consisting of students of the Undana Aquaculture Study Program. They are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to argue, defend their views, and convey their ideas in English well and straightforwardly. The participants of this debate competition were involved in various stirring debates, ranging from topics related to the development of marine and fisheries science, environmental issues, to water sector policies.

Dr. Yuliana Salosso, Coordinator of Aquaculture Study Program, said, "This debate competition is a great platform for students to hone their English language skills while exploring their insights related to current issues in their field of study."

This event is also a forum to foster the spirit of competition while increasing collaboration among Aquaculture Study Program students. In addition, the existence of this kind of debate competition is expected to inspire students to continue to excel and develop their academic potential.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, "The enthusiasm of the participants in voicing opinions and debating in English was amazing. The enthusiasm shown by the participants of this competition illustrates their commitment to improving their self-quality and speaking skills in an academic environment."

In the end, this debate competition not only shows the academic potential of Undana students, but also becomes an important milestone in advancing the quality of learning in the campus environment. It is hoped that this kind of activity will continue to be part of the university's efforts in preparing a generation that is competent and ready to compete at the global level.

The English debate competition at the Undana Aquaculture Study Program level is a clear proof of the university's commitment in providing space for expression and competency development for students, as part of their educational journey.

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