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Student Entrepreneurship

Aquaculture Study Program Students Implement Entrepreneurship Program

Aquaculture Students Show Off Skills in Entrepreneurship Program, Focus on Magot Production for Aquaculture

[Kupang/Universitas Nusa Cendana] – Students of the aquaculture study program at Nusa Cendana University (Undana) demonstrated their commitment to developing entrepreneurial skills by launching an innovative program. Involving the topic of magot production for aquaculture, this initiative not only aims to increase productivity in the aquaculture sector but also empowers students to get involved in the business world.

This entrepreneurship program is presented as part of the aquaculture study program curriculum, in response to the need to increase entrepreneurial skills among students. Magot, as a natural food, has been recognized as having great potential in improving quality and productivity in the aquaculture sector.

Dr. Yuliana Salosso, The supervisor of this program explained, "Magots have excellent nutritional content and are an effective choice for improving fish growth and health. "Through this entrepreneurship program, students not only learn efficient magot production techniques, but are also involved in business aspects including marketing and financial management."

As part of the entrepreneurship training, students are involved in various activities, including visits to operating magot farms, business management training sessions, and discussions with aquaculture industry practitioners. The main aim of this program is to create graduates who are not only skilled in the technical aspects of aquaculture but also have a deep understanding of the business aspects of this sector.

Jesika, one of the students involved in this program, shared his experience, "This entrepreneurship program gave me the opportunity to involve myself directly in the world of aquaculture business. I learned how to manage a business, communicate with business partners, and adapt marketing strategies to market conditions.”

It is hoped that this entrepreneurship program will not only provide benefits for the development of the aquaculture sector, but also create new job opportunities for graduates. The success of this program will be proof that combining technical and business skills can have a significant positive impact in the world of aquaculture.

It is hoped that initiatives like this will be an inspiration for aquaculture study programs at various universities to integrate more aspects of entrepreneurship in their curriculum, creating a generation of students who are ready to face the challenges and opportunities in the world of aquaculture business.

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